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A comprehensive cloud based online hotel property management software which is reliable and secure to manage your hotel’s operations, like reservations, check-in, check-out, guest history, feedbacks, travel agents & companies. mycloud, budget-friendly cloud based hotel software, is a leading, easy-to-use and single dashboard hotel software for all kind of hotels.

According to reputed study, the average hotelier spends 33% of  revenue on the staff-related labor cost alone. If you have been following the same, as said in study, this is right time to adopt technology in your hotel property and see the changes within your budget.

It is the leading cloud hotel management software for hotels of all sizes, in all destinations. If you are looking for an all-in-one hotel management software solution, then this is a budget-friendly, focuses on quick and easy, most advanced, automates complete hotel operations and brings your hotel online.
Mycloud Hospitality lets you do everything

The Future of Hotel Solutions

The ever-changing world of hospitality demands dynamism and rapid evolution. Mycloud Hospitality, we go the extra mile to create innovative hospitality management software solutions – the best hotel software in India that will keep our clients ahead of the curve. Crafted to match their individual needs, both current and futuristic, these integrated hospitality solution system empower them to create a better guest experience as well as growth opportunities.

Our clients lead the way when it comes to innovation. We make sure that we deliver smart hotel system software solutions that meet all their expectations.

The hospitality industry is very dynamic. Rapid technological advancements demand new-age solutions. The preferences and tastes of guests change constantly. Amidst all this, what helps a business swim smooth, even in rough waters, is relentless innovation.

Mycloud Hospitality, we strive hard to predict the future trends and come up with the best possible solutions for our customers. Here’s a glimpse of what the hospitality future demands and will

Deeply rooted in innovation, Mycloud Hospitality aims to design smart solutions for the hospitality industry that are a cut above the rest. From designing one of the first ever integrated software solutions for hotels and restaurants to introducing cloud-based solutions, Mycloud Hospitality has always pushed the envelope and kept its customers ahead in the game.

Analytical applications & Machine learning
For hotels, restaurants, clubs, F&B
38+ countries, 2000+ clients, unmatched solutions

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Why Choose
Mycloud Hospitality

One of the biggest barriers in adoption and usage that legacy systems face is the license and implementation cost which can run into thousands of pounds and is a big deterrent for hotels in adopting new technology.

Looking at the current trend in technology in the hospitality sector, cloud computing is considered to be the biggest disruptive technology and changer. mycloud provides you with an easy to learn, state of the art integrated solution for your hotel management needs as well as providing an online presence at a much lower cost. In fact, mycloud may very well be at a lower cost than the cost of maintaining your legacy systems when you also take into account the loss of revenue due to errors and inefficiencies to which legacy systems are prone.






Active Users
  • Front Desk
  • Front Office Cashiering
  • Inbuilt Credit Card Processor

With an intuitive and simplified design, now complete reservations, check ins and check outs at ease. Take a glimpse of your room stats on a daily, weekly or even monthly view, all changeable in one click.

A comprehensive module of mycloud PMS, amend, post or even cancel charges. Rearrange or print folios. Use quick search for an instant look up of a guest’s total balance. With all functions under one screen, complete prerequisites of checking out your guests, at ease.

mycloud PMS is inclusive of a payment gateway which has an inbuilt credit card processor. No need for additional interfaces or programs, your guests can make online payments before they even arrive, through a safe and secure way.

  • Rates Management
  • Repeat Guests History
  • Travel Agents

Rooms and Rates Management – Your hotel, your rates. With mycloud PMS, define a season based on your demand. What’s more? Decide your cancellation policy for numerous rooms or even keep taxes inclusive or exclusive of room rates, all with one or couple of clicks.

Guests’ desires? Returning guests? mycloud PMS has you covered. Records and past history mean that you can now offer a personalized service to any returning guest.

Managing and keeping track of all your Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) can be a rather challenging task. With mycloud PMS, view and make necessary amendments to rooms and rates in few clicks, all displayed to you on one screen.

  • Housekeeping
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Management Statistics

mycloud PMS removes the pressure of your housekeeping staff with one-click actions. View room statuses, the current hotel position, as well as an hourly summary of expected departures and arrivals.

View how much is outstanding and look up other details of the debtor as well. Identify aging accounts and take necessary action. mycloud PMS integration with these records mean that you lose no track of who owes you how much, keeping human intervention at the least.

mycloud PMS is inclusive of a thorough management statistic tool, providing future occupancy trends as well as current stats based on various filters. It also includes your hotel’s cash and card settlements, making all the data required, visible under one screen.

  • Reporting and archives
  • Interfaces
  • Machine Learning

“Too much information to track? Have all information divided beautifully into reports with a search bar for making it easier and less of a hassle. Also mycloud supports OFFLINE reporting which sends a backup of the reports every 3 hours! Reports may be printed, viewed on screen or exported to formats like .pdf, .xls and .csv. Check images are archived in a text format and can be reprinted. Operations and management reports can be printed for any period.”with mycloud PMS, export a report to excel for your monthly hotel review, email or even print it, for instant use. Essential reports are generated throughout the day. Arrivals, departures or guests’ final balance are few of the many emergency reports available should there be a system breakdown.

Different software issues? Now, mycloud offers interfaces with the world’s best software for back office accounting, payment gateways and third party hardware interfaces. (paypal, sage, xero, smartLINK, pesapal etc)In order for third party applications and systems to function in harmony with mycloud PMS, numerous interfaces are available, connecting you and making your hotel operations simple

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

The process of learning begins with observations or data, such as examples, direct experience, or instruction, in order to look for patterns in data and make better decisions in the future based on the examples that we provide. The primary aim is to allow the computers learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and adjust actions accordingly.

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TechSider is a good partner in Cambodia and provides an all-inclusive suite of software solutions and IT services that minimize time to make and help manage services resources, cost and technology risk.

TechSider is a good partner in Cambodia and provides an all-inclusive suite of software solutions and IT services that minimize time to make and help manage services resources, cost and technology risk.


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Copyright 2020. TechSider Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.